Perl/Tk Tools

earthclock This is a clock displaying the shaded image of the earth. It needs the xearth or xglobe program for generation of the current earth shade. Alternatively, the current Meteosat or GMS picture can be fetched from the WWW and displayed.

Additionally, it is possible to show a calendar of months with the phases of the moon.

The program requires X11::Protocol to display the round shape (otherwise you will get a square window). If neither xearth nor xglobe are installed, LWP::UserAgent will be used to fetch WWW images.

Under Windows, shapes are not (yet) supported.

Screenshot with earthclock
funtowers Extremely simple card game.

Screenshot with funtowers
tkgnuplot Tk frontend for gnuplot.

Screenshot with tkgnuplot
tkmessage tkmessage is a replacement for the standard X11 program xmessage. It displays a window containing a message from the command line, a file, or standard input. Along the lower edge of the message is a row of buttons; clicking the left mouse button on any of these buttons will cause tkmessage to exit. Which button was pressed is returned in the exit status and, optionally, by writing the label of the button to standard output.

The program is typically used by shell scripts to display information to the user or to ask the user to make a choice.

Screenshot with tkmessage
tknotes A powerful knotes clone. The note files are compatible with KDE's knotes.

Screenshot with tknotes
tkpop POP3 client.

tkruler Program for measuring horizontal and vertical screen distances.

Screenshot with tkruler
tksm This is a program for searching and replacing patterns in multiple files.

Screenshot with tksm
tktetris Another tetris-like game written in Perl/Tk.

Screenshot with tktetris
tkrevdiff A visual diff programm, whose speciality is the comparison between two RCS or CVS revisions. There are two scales which can be used to set the diffed revisions.

Screenshot with tkrevdiff
multilogwatcher Tk widget/application for watching multiple log files (local or remote).

Screenshot with multilogwatcher
tktimex a project time manager

Screenshot with tktimex


Please make sure you have Perl and Perl/Tk installed correctly. For Windows, you can get a Perl distribution from ActiveState. For Unix, look at the CPAN.

Windows: Most of these programs ship with an script, which can be used on Windows to create desktop icons and/or start menu entries.

Unix: The normal installation rules for perl modules apply:

$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ make test
$ make install

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